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Put simply, a digital footprint is an identity. An identity that is built overtime from our digital presence. A digital footprint is much like a fingerprint, everyone has one but they’re unique and unfortunately for some, they’re permanent. Here at the Good Room, we know the importance of kickstarting your digital presence with a positive outlook, ahead of the clock, and from the right angle, of course. Take charge of your digital footprint with Good Room Social.

Approximately one-in-three people worldwide use social media platforms and for some demographics, this is exponentially higher. Such a statistic is hard to ignore as it opens up endless opportunities for business growth, ongoing brand awareness, and allows for you to connect with your consumers. Here at Good Room, we know that social media is not ‘just a phase’ and can make the difference to your business that you’re looking for. 

Video content is one of the most overlooked mediums in the digital realm. Video’s ability to showcase brand, identity, and raw footage while keeping ahead of our shortening attention spans – it is one of the best ways to boost business growth online. Conceptualising and creating video content can be tricky but with our tailored plans and expert skills, the final product will be something to use for years to come.

Instagram stories are pivotal to a business’ success on social media. Whether you’re a Home Dog Grooming company or Ralph Lauren, true engagement can be found in the stories. Stories give you the opportunity to build rapport with your followers, as they get behind the scenes look into your business. Consumers want raw, consumers want truth, and consumers want entertainment – so together, let’s give the people what they want. 

A long, long time ago in a land far away, the founder of Good Room Social found himself in the back streets of Brooklyn, New York. Yankees cap on backwards, hotdog in hand, and curiosity running through his veins, he heard a loud melodic beat vibrating down the street towards him. As any inquisitive tourist would, he followed the sound until he stumbled across an old abandoned warehouse. A burly security guard stood at the door and asked for his ID. 

“What is this place?” 

“Welcome to the Good Room, sir.” 

And that was all he needed to hear. It was a good room but ours is better. 

Good Room Social was born. 

It is pretty safe to say that organic reach for business pages is essentially dead. With business pages only reaching 5.5% of their followers, pages are going to have a hard time getting their bang-for-buck in 2020. Never fear though, we still have a few tricks up our sleeve to keep the conversation going.

– Keep up that consistency! By posting once every 6 months, then cracking the shits, proclaiming that the algorithm is surely plotting against you, is a sure fire way to yield poor results. If you are going to engage a social media platform, give a good old college try and keep on top of those posts.

– Dont Fu** with cats! Seriously though, people love cats. If the creative department is fresh out of cats, then you’ll have to come up with some other creative ways to create memorable video content. That’s right, video content! In May of 2019, Facebook stated that the newsfeed would increasingly surface original, high quality video content (that means no repurposed cat videos).

– It’s provocative, it gets people going! You guessed it, conversation starters are the cornerstone of any good piece of content. Think back to a simpler time, when phone’s didn’t exist, the internet wasn’t a thing and people were forced to engage with each other face-to-face… a foreign concept for sure, but it’s this familiarity and trust that you should be trying to encourage through your thought-provoking content.

Get in that Good Room!

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